Wednesday, February 8, 2012

From RossM: 28mm Mycenaean Spearmen & 20mm WWII British Entrenched Infantry (44 points)

Ross sends is a very nice mixed entry of Mycenaean spearmen and two very cool stands of World War Two British infantry snug in their foxholes.

The hide shields on the Mycenaeans are hand-painted and Ross did a wonderful job capturing the texture of them (as you can see by the lead image).

These are 28mm Redoubt Miniatures castings that Ross has based for 'Impetus'.

Very nice groundwork on this stand.
Ross also sends us these two unique stands depicting four British Tommies settling into their foxholes.

These are from the very fine 20mm AB Miniature range. 

These miniatures will give Ross a base of 38 points but I'm adding another 6 for the excellent work on the shields. Very nice, Ross!


  1. It is wonderful.
    It is very real.

  2. Excellent work! Very impressed.

  3. Shields are excellent, really capture the hides look

  4. I like those a lot... great bit of work Ross

  5. Very nice painting - love the look of the hide covered shields. Dean

  6. Thanks everybody for the positive comments!



  7. Excellent paintwork on them shields!!


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