Monday, February 20, 2012

From RayR: 15mm Native American Tribal Warriors from the French & Indian Wars (231 points)

Ray sends in two large groups of Native American (or First Nations) warriors for use in his French & Indian Wars games.

The first batch we see here are 15mm Peter Pig castings. Ray painted them to represent a variety of tribes so they could be used for either side of the conflict or for inter-tribal warfare as well.

The second group below are from Freikorps and QRF. These are 15mm as well.

These two groups will give Ray a tidy 231 points to add to his total. This will see Ray break through the 2K barrier. Very nice work, Ray!


  1. You're going crazy, heaps of cool painting.

  2. A great lot of Indians, Ray, very nice all of them. And many, many points. You are now reaching the Olimpo.


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