Friday, February 10, 2012

From GregB: 28mm Napoleonic Austrian Infantry IR#23 Salzburg (155 points)

Greg has been very busy adding to his Napoleonic Austrian collection and so sends in this fresh regiment for the French meatgrinder. This unit depicts Infantry Regiment #23 'Salzburg' which historically strived to stem the tide of defeat at Austerlitz by attempting to hold a defensive position on the Pratzen Heights (short synopsis: it went very poorly for them).

These are 28mm Wargames Foundry castings.

All of Greg's previous units are in marching poses so he quite enjoyed doing these who are in the midst of delivering volley fire.

I love the officers in this unit - such great personality and animation. Greg's done a super job with them.

These 29 infantry and 1 mounted officer will give Greg  155 points. Beautiful work, my friend! I look forward to seeing these on the table next week.


  1. The white mob, nice work. I really the early Austrians and these are great, and nice to see a unit with life. Well done

  2. Very nice! I'm enjoying watching the variety of Naps coming through.


  3. Very impressive Greg. great looking troops.

  4. really great work, they look perfect

  5. Very nice, Greg; they are full of life.


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