Sunday, January 22, 2012

From TimB: 28mm Norman Infantry & Celtic Woman (70 points)

Tim is hosting a big Dark Age event next month so he is bending his will (like Sauron) to getting as many figures done-up as possible in preparation of that. Accordingly we have here another twelve Norman infantry plus a Celt woman brandishing a grisly trophy.

Again, Tim did a great job with hand-painting his shield devices.

The Normans are from the Crusader Miniature range while the woman is a Warlord figure.

It kinda troubled me that Sarah particularly liked this figure when she saw it...

This group will give Tim a base of 65 points bit I'm going to add another four for the shields and another for the work on the Celtic woman's frock. So, 70 points total. Keep up the steam, Tim!


  1. Great painting Tim, some very nice figures!! Curt I think I'd be a little worried too, best, be on your best behaviour!!

  2. awesome painting Tim once again, the quality of your figures is always top notch

  3. Very nice painting, Tim. Wonderful models.

    Best regards.

  4. Really looking good, I like your 'Lady'. Off to Your soon and will be looking for a girly for the painting comp


  5. Very good... sleep with one open tonight Curt...!

  6. What a nice painting style, if I may say so! I love that blacklining.

    @Curt: I hope for you she was talking about the tartan on the figure, otherwise you're in big trouble :-D



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