Monday, January 2, 2012

From RayR: 20mm Russian Partisans & Casualties (183 points)

Ray sends in this fabulous group of forty 20mm Russian partisans. I really like the animation and variety of poses in this collection - particularly the dancing and drinking partisans - great stuff.

The funny thing about this group is that they've been painted for Fran! So, while Ray gets to scoot ahead in the point score, Fran benefits from some nicely painted miniatures for his WWII collection. Sort of a symbiotic relationship... or should that be psychotic relationship, I'm really not sure.

Ray does not know who manufactures these figures - perhaps Fran can fill us in?

The next set is a group of fifteen 15mm casualty figures which he'll be adding to his French & Indian War collection. These are actually War of Spanish Succession figures from Irregular Miniatures but the dead keep secrets very well.  

Though Ray has been soft-lobbying for full points for the casualties I'm going to give half points simply because only half of the figures are visible. Weasel. :)

So with that being said these two groups will give Ray 183 points. Well done!  


  1. Those are awesome! I love the dancing guy!!

  2. Wonderful work Ray. Some really nice figures there and you have painted them so well.

  3. I need to launch a stewards enquiry, I'm looking at my figures at work and I feel violated that Ray has posted them, he never bases my figures....(he even used my basing stuff and paint!

    I feel I should get some of his points as it would be fair and Ray does not not do it for free either!

  4. Cheers Guys!!
    @ Fran - Bollox! I've painted quite a bit of Fran's WW2 collection, sometimes when the ginge posts them he forgets to say that I painted them and takes all the credit! So for all you out there, all he does is base them, shocking news I know!!!!

  5. @Ray- For payment you man whore and I still end up touching them up...unbelievable!

  6. I'm wondering who's the laziest of both of you. Ray pianting half figures or Fran letting his figures painted by someone else :-D

    Great bunch of figures though, nicely painted, no discussion about that!


  7. Vry nice figures, half-figures and bases. A great painting (and basing) job.


  8. Nice work Ray and something I haven't seen you do.


  9. Great work Ray.
    Those casualties from Irregular look great - I never thought much of that figure line when I saw their figs on their web site, but perhaps they are much better than their web photos show...

  10. @ Chris Axebreaker - Check out Fran's blog, I painted loads of his WW2 stuff!!!
    @ Greg - They're not bad, some are a little miscast, but what the heck the casualties after all!


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