Wednesday, January 4, 2012

From JuanM: Medieval Peasant (5 points)

Juan continues to impress with his single-figure submissions. This time we have a doughty peasant axeman heading off work in the forest or perhaps the local monthly bread riot. Actually, this range is meant for the Italian Wars or the Peasants' Wars of the mid 16th Century. Just look at the mournful face on this fellow, beautiful.

'I'm told there's a Big Bad Wolf in these here parts...'
This casting is from Pro Gloria Miniatures, sculpted by the very talented Paul Hicks. I have to thank Juan for this as I particularly enjoy finding these boutique ranges of figures. Very characterful and wonderfully niche - excellent stuff. 

This fellow will garner Juan another 5 points to his scorecard. He promises me that his next submission will be an entire unit.  I know he would like the points and to see a unit from him will be great, but I must admit that I enjoy many of these 'singles' as much as the larger entries.


  1. really nice workmanship love the detail and shading

  2. Lovely stuff. Excellent painting, looking forward to seeing a whole unit.

    Nice find on the range too, never heard of them.


  3. Another cracker Juan, nice stuff


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