Saturday, January 21, 2012

From JuanM: 28mm 16th Century Peasants (20 points)

Juan sends in several more medieval characters to add to his growing collection.

These 28mm castings are from are Pro Gloria Miniatures. I particularly enjoy the dog handler and the 'strumpet'.

Juan has found reference to a raid by Helvetic Confederation troops upon an Imperial Headquarters that he wants to form as a basis of a game - it sounds fantastic and I wish I could jet off to Spain to be a part of that game.

These four will give Juan 20 points to add his his total. Beautiful work, Juan.


  1. Beautifully painted & photographed. Love the terrain too. Best, Dean

  2. I love the cleric, excellent work all ropund again Juan

  3. Unusual figures, but oh so good painted. Would like to see more of these kind of figures.


  4. I have some more of them here, Peter...


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