Friday, January 6, 2012

From IanW: 15mm Macedonian Pike Phalanx (128 points)

Ian builds upon his current Alexandrian theme and sends in this excellent block of 32 Macedonian Hypaspists.

These are 15mm Magister Militum castings. There are a few variations in helmets and armour to give the unit a campaign look and more personality. While this is great, it is not really required as Ian, like many of our Challengers, has brought us his A-game and hand-painted all the shields! Bravo - great work! 

Ian tells me that he still has two more pike blocks like this to do but he might break it up with a bit of work on some 6mm Hussars and 28mm WWII. Excellent stuff - I look forward to seeing those!

This pike block will give Ian a very tidy base of 96 points, but as he's gone through the effort with those lovely shields I'm adding another 32 points. So, 128 it is!


  1. Excellent looking figures and the shields are great

  2. Very nice work with these models, and their shields are excellent.

  3. excellent detail really great skill. I love the sheilds they are worth the extra points

  4. Hard wall of pikes you have there.Nice!


  5. Love seeing a good pike block now back to the brushes!




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