Monday, January 30, 2012

From FranL: 20mm WWII British Armour, 15mm American Marines & Badly Accessorized Secret Service Agents (267 points)

Fran sends in this large mixed group of entries extending from WWII Matildas and A13 tanks to contemporary US Marines and Secret Service personnel. I'll let Fran describe the particulars:

Three 20mm Matilda II's (P237) and three A13 Cruiser Tanks (P238) from Frontline Wargaming, not a lot of stowage or markings due to the fact that with Operation Sealion invasion they would be coming out of the factories and heading straight for the invasion points....

Seventy-five 15mm figures, a full modern US marine platoon of 42 figures with 3 fire teams per squad giving the platoon 9 squads and a command squad, 2 sniper teams, one with a Barrett M107 .50 cal and the other with a M40, an EOD team (Explosive Ordnance Demolition), 3 man casualty team (one of which would be the attached navy corpsman to the marine platoon) plus 2 marines assisting, 8 casualty figures and 10 figures from a small company called The Scene which are meant to be Secret Service or FBI and include 3 body bags...

Amazing detail on the IED.

Based on their shirt and tie colours this could have been the security team for Liberace or Celine Dion...
Well, that is a cart-load of figures - well done Fran! This group will give him an impressive 267 points -  just 50 away from Ray... 


  1. Great amount of models, Fran, and of a very high quality. I like a lot the EOD team. Very nice.

  2. Thanks for that boys, the colour code is the Franonian national colour....

  3. Nice tanks Fran, I can't possibly comment on the Franonia figures!!!

  4. What a great amount of painted minis Fran. Good work, like them!



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