Friday, January 13, 2012

From FranL: 20mm Soviet Infantry Platoon (128 points)

Fran is going hard with his WWII Soviet collection and we see here a fresh platoon of 32 figures, which includes squad LMGs and a command section.

These are 20mm figures from The Plastic Toy Soldier Company

Fran, do you use an ink wash or a type of dip for the shading? I like the effect you've achieved with these.

Fran will be queuing-up another platoon, his third, to fill-out this company to full strength.

These lads will give Fran 128 points to add to his total. Nicely done, they look great!


  1. Hey, hey, hey! Really good looking minis and Fran speeding up...but Ray's fighting hard and the gap is still significant. Fran mate, you need to work around the clock.

  2. Curt, they're double inked but for some reason no drybrushing....

  3. Nice looking unit Fran and way to grab some points.....Ray is ahead, but you closed the gap some.Good job!


  4. I'm pretty sure I painted some of these!!!!

  5. Very nice models, Fran. And you have a lot of them. A great work.


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