Wednesday, December 28, 2011

From TimB: 28mm Great War Scots and WWII Soviet Officers (60 points)

Tim sends in these fine fellows to help close the gap with our current scoreleader, Kent. 

Here is the eight recruits with the rest of their unit and officer.
Here we have eight Great War Scots riflemen wearing their distinctive glengarry's (nice work on those btw). These are 28mm Renegade castings.

I quite like the officer with his jaunty white scarf (too bad he's not in for the points).

Next is four Soviet officers urging their comrades forward in order to push out the Hitlerites from Mother Russia. These are from the 28mm Crusader range of models.

These twelve will give Tim a tidy 60 points. Very nice!


  1. Tim, you have a massive output! and it's all quality!

  2. Great quality, and a lot of models!!!


  3. Very nice, I'm really enjoying these WWI figures!


  4. Awesome job love the tartan on the hats, great painting


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