Wednesday, December 21, 2011

From JuanM: French and Indian Wars First Nations Warrior (10 points)

Here is a beautiful entry from Juan in Spain. A First Nations warrior from the French & Indian War, in snowshoes and winter gear, dragging a tree and a sack of gifts. (Or is that the French and Indian Wars? There is a difference to a few of us Anorak-wearing North Americans.) 

This figure was a special 2008 Christmas release from the excellent 28mm Conquest Miniatures range for the F&IW. Juan tells me this will be one of his ongoing projects for this upcoming year.

I really like the composition and execution of this entry so I'm exercising my Judge's rights and privileges and awarding him an extra 5 points (so 10 total). 

I like to think of myself as an enlightened despot...

This is a great opening gambit Juan!  I look forward to seeing what emerges from your painting desk over the next few months.


  1. A very suiteble figure for this time of the year! Like him with that Christmas tree!


  2. Very well done Juan!

    I find it very hard to do winter basing, but it looks like you've got that down pat!


  3. I agree with Miles. Coming from someone who has A LOT of experience with snow your base looks very good. I admire that sculpt, particularly the snowshoe imprints trailing behind him.


  4. Very nice and well worth the extra.

    Been working on my first entries today but they wont be finished for a few days yet, seems I am falling behind already LOL


  5. Very nice indeed and I'll echo the snow shoe imprints!


  6. Thnak you very much all of you. I have had this models on my desk for a lot of time, and this was the just moment to paint it. The model has a very, very good quality of casting, and this facilitate the task of painting it.

    About the snow, I have used the "Austrian White" triad from Foundry. This one is my favourite white color because it is not really white.

    Excuse me for the long comment (I´m very pleased, it is obvious) and, again, thank you very much.

    Best regards.

  7. Yes, while brutally expensive there are quite a few colours in the Foundry range that are excellent. I find that they are very opaque that allows great first coverage, especially over black primer. I particularly like their 'Austrian White', 'Musket Brown' and 'Dragoon Green'.

  8. excellent work love the colours

  9. A fantastic figure, beautifully painted. Adds some christmas cheer to the competition.



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