Thursday, November 24, 2011

From the Lead Archive: Chasseur a Cheval de la Garde Imperiale - 28mm Foundry Painted by Brian Homenick

Whenever I think that my painting skills may be improving I pull this old chestnut out from my display cabinet to get a reality check. This Chasseur a Cheval officer of the Imperial Guard was given to me as a gift about 15 years ago by my friend Brian Homenick (of Vaubanner Graphics), who is, as you can plainly see, a phenomenal painter. 

This is a venerable 28mm Wargames Foundry casting, sculpted by Alan Perry, which still holds its own amongst the best out there today. The pose is taken from the famous painting by Theodore Gericault titled "The Charging Chasseur" which was first exhibited in 1812 and can be viewed today at the Louvre (see above).

I remember Brian giving me the model in an almost nonchalant manner, just a slight smile and a shrug. Almost like, "I thought I'd give this one a whirl, and well, here you go." Awesome.

A few years ago, when I was living in Ontario, I met up with another good friend, Dallas (another venerable member of the Fawcett Ave Conscripts), to check out a Games Workshop's 'Games Day' event in Toronto. It was pretty cool as the energy level from all the kids was completely off the hook, but the real reason I was excited to go was because the Perry twins were in attendance to show off their latest work for GW and visit with the geeks. I duly stood in line with what seemed to be a battalion of pimply teens and managed to chat with the both of them for a few minutes. During this time I pulled out a few of my favourite Napoleonic models of their design and asked them to sign the bases for me. Of course Brian's Chasseur was one of these and Alan Perry was kind enough to oblige. 

I remember we all thought it pretty funny being at an event which showcases EVERYTHING Warhammer and here we were gabbing on about Napoleonics. I came away completely stoked and I remember Sarah nodding and smiling indulgently as I described by field trip and the cool 'autographs' I received. Yep, complete nerdgasm.

Anyway, there you go. The Chasseur remains a prized gift and a constant source of inspiration. Thanks Brian!

Note: Brian also painted for me the complete set of Foundry's dismounted Napoleon, Marshals and staff (its the one with Napoleon seated with his boot on a drum). As you can imagine its a real treat and I'll post it up in the future.


  1. Beautiful figure & nice touch with the autograph. Best, Dean

  2. The ultimate Napoleonic uniform, and what a beautiful paintjob. Does he get out on the table often or is he just for display? I don't think I'd trust my pals with him!!

  3. What an awesome figure to have. Fantastic paint job and signed by AP.

  4. Really lovely figure and especially as you have Napoleon and his boys coming up soon from the same painting genius.

  5. As we say in France : un excellent travail, vraiment impressionnant!

  6. Most impressive, what a beautiful result. Definitely to good to game with.

  7. Super figure Curt,
    Would have been exactly the same at the show waiting in line :-)

    I just ordered a Perry mixed Heavy Cavalry army deal for my brother's Christmas present (with some extras) and had to email back to say that we had received a Guard artillery gun and team instead of the commanders (as you would expect the figures are brilliant and we are happy with the lot but he will need the commands).

    Anyway I got an email back from a guy named Alan that not to worry as they would send out the command set (and we could keep the artillery stuff) and sorry for the mistake.

    Excellent! Yet the fanboy in me wasn't really bothered about the figs, I was thinking was it Alan Perry I was exchanging emails with?

    I'm a sad git at heart :-)

    Great story Curt!
    Best regards

  8. Thanks for the comments, guys!

    @ Ray & Guidowg: I don't have a distinction between 'display' and 'gaming' figures. I like to have all of my collection available for gaming. I reason thats what they were made for and its good for them to be enjoyed by the lads. (And woe to the poor bugger who drops any of them...)

    @ Paul: Yeah, I like that 'The Twins' seem to have a very hands-on attitude to their business. I remember last year that Alan personally arranged the prize coupons for my 'Painting Challenge'. Very cool thing for them to do.


  9. I recall gazing in awe at that figure many times. Great to see the pictures of it! And yes, Brian's "casual" painting is really amazing.


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