Thursday, November 17, 2011

Dystopian Wars - Prussian Sky Fortress 'Ziethen'

Here's another update to my Dystopian Wars diversion, a Prussian 'Sky Fortress' which I've christened as the 'Ziethen'.

It only follows sensible reasoning that if Zeppelins are cool, and Steampunk is cool, then a Tesla-armed Zeppelin with an airfield on top must be the total cat's pyjamas. Actually, it was this model alone that sold me on the whole Dystopian Wars venture.

I really wanted to put a set of huge Maltese crosses on this bad boy so I poached a few decals from a 1/72 Albatross kit.

You'll have to excuse my arty 'cloud' composition but I was having a bit of fun with the pillow ticking...

Here we see the 'Ziethen' as she steams amongst the clouds, her lederhosen-wearing crew listening to 8-hour operas, reading Goethe and debating where they should land for Oktoberfest.

Coming Soon: We will return to our regular programming with some new Napoleonic Russians! (The first of what I'm sure will be many posts were I publicly shame Sylvain in his glacial progress with his own Napoleonic-Russo 'painting commitments'.)


  1. An amazing model but an amazing paint job especially the cross decal.

  2. Well that just looks awesome! Really cool background that sets off your brill paint job on a very cool mini!


  3. Beautiful! Great photography too. Best, Dean

  4. Awesome stuff dude. Do you use anything to soften the decal before you apply it?

  5. Thanks for the kind words, guys! @Greg - no, the decals just had a good soak in water and then I brushed on a light 'skim' of water on the Zeppelin's sides to aid sliding/placement. I had to cut the decal horizontally in half as the cross had to sit on either side of the the central 'beam/girder'. I then painted the beam black and white to match the decal.

  6. Looks really cool. Love the Cross, and the 'clouds' set it off very well.
    Must admit I'd be REALLY impressed if it was 28mm scale ;-)

  7. Great stuff all around! Looking forward to your Russian as well.

  8. Cheers guys, your comments are much appreciated!

    @Scott, Cripes! Could you imagine this thing at 28mm scale?! I'd need a new addition to the house just to store it. BUT it WOULD be cool...

  9. That is one beautiful model. Superb paint work and looks fantastic. Great photography too.

  10. Paul, Felix, thanks for your supportive comments - much appreciated!


  11. A very great pleasure to view this, Wonderful Stuff! Beano Boy

    1. Thanks Paul, I'm glad you liked it.