Monday, August 29, 2011

28mm Churchyard at Aspern

A while ago I mentioned to my friend Sylvain that I've always wanted to do a tactical Napoleonic scenario that focuses on the ferocious fighting for the village of Aspern at the Battle of Aspern-Essling (May 20-21 1809).

Before we go any further you have to understand that Sylvain is completely mad. Bonkers. Nuts. Certifiable. 

Yeah? Oh, so now you want me to create some freakin' battlefield in Austria for you...? WTF. You know man, I have needs too...
Anyway, Sylvain likes to scratch-build buildings and since he's a bit 'touched' (and doesn't do anything in halves) he got it in his mind that he'd make me a 80% to scale representation in of the Aspern churchyard with all its buildings and grounds for my 28mm collection.

As you can see its pretty amazing.

With a 32 figure battalion as indication of scale.
Below you can see the roof has been removed so you can place figures in the upper galleries.

The roof can be removed to show battle damage and allow figures to be placed on the third level.
Another shot of the roof timbers and firing platforms.
The church tower can be removed as well in order to place figures.
Both the Church and the Rectory can be broken-down like a layer cake to allow each section to be defended separately.

The bottom layer of the Church with a nave and attic.
Her is the Rectory broken-down into its three component layers (minus roof).

Sylvain tells me he has another building (a mausoleum, I believe), the graveyard and the surrounding walls to add and then the project's done. Its going to dominate any table but if the action is purely focused on taking the church grounds then the scaling will work great. I'm thinking of using a beefed-up variant of Sharpe's Practice to do a monsterous tactical scenario based around the churchyard but first I need to paint and groundwork this stuff AND finish a raft-load of Austrians...

Bravo Sylvain! Awesome work!


  1. Awesome church. You are very lucky to have a friend like that. I would say no amount of praise would be sufficient.

  2. As you said "Bravo Sylvain! Awesome work!!!!"

  3. Absolutely stunning work and what a friend indeed!


  4. Can I be Sylvain friend too? Incredible work!!!
    Will be watching how this project unfold

  5. Yes, he's a pretty talented guy. Now I under pressure to dream up a suitable (and playable) scenario to do it justice.

  6. Amazing quality - your friend is a real artist!

  7. Bonkers as always.
    Would love to add some Austrians for that...


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