Sunday, May 1, 2011

From JohnM: The Last Reserve for 'The Challenge' - The Old Guard

Well, here we have JohnM committing his last reserve for the Spring-Thaw Painting Challenge: and none better than the 1/1er Regiment de Grenadiers a Pied de la Guarde - Yes, The Old Grumblers, The Old Guard.

This excellent unit is composed of Victrix plastics, that has been white-primed, inked with Liquitex, drybrushed up and then given a brush-over with Army Painter Dark Tone. The mounted officer is a Perry metal casting from their Waterloo range.

Also included is General Ponsonby, ready to lead his Union Brigade to their destruction. This model is a combination of the Perry Halket figure mounted on a Front Rank horse. The combination works out very well I think. 

This group will give John a tidy 28 points which will give him a grand total of 134 points. A very respectable sum for three months of painting! Bravo John!

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