Saturday, May 7, 2011

1:2400 GQH WWII Ships

I've been feeling the urge to play some 'General Quarters III' so I brought out some of my naval stuff. Here are some 1:2400 scale models from GHQ that I collected to do 'The Battle of the River Plate', the action in which the Graf Spee was hunted down, engaged and scuttled in December 1939.

These are excellent castings, with crisp lines, superb detail and very little required in cleanup. 

Tim was kind enough to do up a bushel of MDF bases for me a few years ago which have served quite well. I've placed a small magnetic strip at the back so I can 'clip on' labels for ship names in case I want to bodge around with other scenarios.

I also have some Great War vessels which I'll have to put up a sampling sometime.

Graf Spee with the Leipzig (which was not at the River Plate action but I thought I'd slip in 'cause I like the seaplane)


  1. GHQ does make wonderful 1/2400 scale ships - I've got about 30 from their WW1 line and they are wonderful models. The masts can be a bit delicate.

    I like your basing style

  2. Thanks, Miles. Yes, I actually prefer the Great War period (love the blunt-nose design and the coal-fired engines) and the GHQ stuff is superb. I actually snip off many of the masts and replace with wire as they damage quite easily during play.

  3. Nicely done Curt,
    I really like the look of these little ships on their water style bases complete with name tags etc. Have always fancied getting some.
    Try to encourage the guys down our club from time to time to give it a go.

  4. Thanks Paul. Yeah, naval gaming is pretty economical. Compared to Napoleonics, its as you Brits say: 'cheap as chips.'

  5. Thanks Geordie. I checked out your blog and quite like the modern naval stuff you're doing.


  6. Curt -

    How did you make the labels for your ships? Looks great!

    Paris, TN

  7. Thanks Kimball. The labels were just some flags I found on the web reduced down to size, popped into a table in Microsoft Word and printed off on a colour laser printer. I then glued them to a bit of magnetic sheet so they 'clip' onto the ship bases (this way I can swap ship names around within their classes). The rear of each ship base has a corresponding magnetic strip to provide good adhesion. I hope this helps!

    1. Yes, it does. Now to figure out how to "pop" it in a table of MW. :-) Thank you!


  8. What material did you use for the water effects? It looks superb.

    1. Thanks for the comment, Tony. Gosh, it's been quite a while since I did these. I used Liquitex gel medium for the 'texture' of the waves and used semi-opaque greens and blues for the water (highlighted with white for the wave-caps) and then gave it all a gloss coat. I should really try to see if I can replicate it after all these years!


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