Sunday, March 13, 2011

New From Curt - 28mm Perry KGL Light Dragoons (1st Regt)

I hosted a game last night and in preparation for it a few weeks ago I had decided that I wanted some British cavalry to help change the scenario's dynamic. So here is the game-equivalent of a couple squadrons of KGL Light Dragoons (1st Regiment). I would have liked to have more to show here but I ran out of figures and am waiting 'resupply'. The cavalry are 28mm Perry castings with a few French  casualty figures by Foundry placed in to 'conceal' the fact that I didn't have enough dragoon models for a full 10-man unit.

I used Army Painter Quickshade on this group and find I'm getting a little more comfortable with the technique. I think I'd still prefer the 'dip' to be darker in tone but I managed to work around that for the most part.

Unlike most new figures that I put on the games table these guys were complete rock stars on their first outing. They charged a full battery of French medium artillery, to the front, survived the canister fire and sabered the gunners. Later in the game they were charged by a full regiment of Dragoons, which should have vaporized them on the spot, but they gave a good account of themselves before being overwhelmed.

I'm looking forward to getting this group up to a full 24-figure unit in the future. As it is, this contingent will count for 20 points in the Spring-Thaw Painting Challenge. Ok JohnM, I await to receive your return volley! 


  1. Dude - looks awesome as always. Is that a dark grey line of some sort on the inside of the sabres? I like the effect - your blades seem to have more definition.

  2. Very nice Curt, brilliant idea to add the 2 French infantry, looks really cool. I especially like how the yellows came out. Nice work,


  3. Cheers guys! Greg - I can't really take much credit for the swords. The Perry's do such good sculpts, even including the groove ('fuller' I believe its called) in the sword blades. The Quickshade darkened those details nicely and I just went over the edges with Boltgun for highlight. John - the yellow is a pretty simple effect: I use GW's 'Bubonic Brown' as the base and then highlight with a reasonably bright yellow ('Sunburst' or 'Badmoon')and sometimes finish tips and edges with a very light gray/dull white.

  4. Very nice! Are you highlighting after the wash or using it as a final element to the paintjob?

  5. Thanks Mang! I used the Quickshade as the middle element to the painjob. As a sequence: I blocked in the main colours, brushed-on the Quickshade over the whole figure, matte sprayed them down and then quickly highlighted the raised areas of the figures. Not having to paint the middle layer is the time-saver.


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