Tuesday, March 29, 2011

From JohnM: 28mm Front Rank & Perry British Foot Artillery

Here are some very nice new arrivals from JohnM: three bases of British Foot Artillery.  

The two flanking sections below are Perry sculpts (Hanoverians technically) while the center gun and crew are from Front Rank. For those interested, John says he used GW Fenris Grey for the gun carriages and the Quickshade Dark Tone varnish for the shading. Great job, John!

John is busy getting forces together to run a La Haye Sainte scenario using his solo-game modifications to 'Lasalle'. Judging from the Hougoumont game that he ran over the Christmas holidays this upcoming game, focusing on the assaults on Wellington's center, should be both exciting to follow and a feast for the eyes.

These lads will give him 15 points to the Painting Challenge, pushing me aside for the lead. Nonetheless, I hear the drumming hoofbeats of Greg's Austrian cavalry approaching so we should soon have some more action on the scoreboard!

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