Sunday, February 13, 2011

From JohnM: 28mm British Horse Artillery - Congreve Rocket Battery

Behold, another entry for the Painting Challenge! This one is from John de Terre Neuve. Here are a beautiful set of stands depicting a Congreve rocket battery about to unleash their destruction (entertainment?) on foe and friend alike! These figures are 28mm castings from Old Glory Miniatures

John had started the rocket models prior to the Challenge (check out his helpful review here on his blog) so they fall outside the scoring, but the nine crewmen places him at the leading position on the scoreboard! Rumour has it that there are some French Cuirassiers soon to make their appearance, so keep posted (I understand there was a slight 'wardrobe malfunction' ;) ).

Great work, John!

Excuse me as I scurry back to my painting desk in an effort to catch up...

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