Monday, January 3, 2011

New Additions to the Napoleonic Gallery

Well, after a mad scramble to the finish-line, the Painting Challenge issued by Dallas of The Fawcett Ave Conscripts has finally concluded. There are more detailed photos and descriptions of my final entries in the 'Napoleonic Gallery' section.

This friendly competition was a great impetus for all of us to get a load of stuff completed. For myself, I think I ended up assembling/painting/basing around 160 Napoleonic models in a little over two months which, for me, is remarkable as typically I'm  a pretty slow painter. For a better sense of it here is a shot of the stuff I got done since around mid-October.


  1. Hi Curt,

    That is a very impressive accomplishment. Your troops look great and I especially like your bases. I started to use low profile bases like you have but ended up with 3 mm, which are a little chunky.

    Might I ask what you use for bases, their size and your basing scheme (it looks like 4 to a base with company basing and a larger command base)

    Very nice,


  2. Hi John,

    Thanks for your kind words. The steel bases I use are sourced from Wargame Accessories:

    They will custom cut pretty much any dimension you require.

    The round metal bases are from a fellow in the UK at Precision Wargame Supplies:

    For infantry I use 30mm (f) x 50mm (d) with four models in two ranks on each. This gives a tight 15mm frontage and an increased depth that helps to protect outstretched arms, banners and bayonets. The central command stand is double wide 60mm (f) x 50mm (d) so as to better allow a mounted officer along with additional figures for more of a vignette look. In R2E terms this simply makes each base a 'combat group' or doubled for 'Lasalle'.

    The cavalry are mounted two models to a 40mm (w) x 60mm (d) base. The slightly increased depth gives a more staggered appearance (which I like) and allows a more tight formation with 'boots fitting behind boots' if need be.

    Artillery are mounted on 60mm (w) x 80mm (d) bases which give enough depth for vignette groups such as some of the Perry range (ie. loading, running-up the gun, etc.) Caissons, wagons, etc. will be mounted on the requisite depth base with a frontage of 60mm.

    Aides, Brigade Officers, Corps Commanders and C-in-C models are mounted on round bases of 50mm, 60mm, 80mm and 100mm respectively. (The two largest would be pretty rare in most of my games due to the scale of the engagements but I like collecting the figures.) Aides are single mounted figures, Brigade stands are composed of two models, and increase by one for each command level up.

    Again, if you want to see closer shots of the figures visit my Napoleonic Gallery section.

    There you have it!




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