Saturday, December 25, 2010

New Entry for 'Painting Challenge'

Back in October Dallas from 'The Fawcett Avenue Conscripts' (my old and revered gaming group in Winnipeg) had the great idea of issuing a challenge to see who could paint the most hobby stuff by New Years Day. (Check out the Challenge here.) Well, the competition has been fierce with around nine of us going at it hammer and tongs (or primer and brush) to see who gets final bragging rights. Currently I'm running fourth behind the leaders with about a 40 point spread, and since we are in the last week of the Challenge I'm madly trying to get some stuff done to see if I can pip my way onto the podium. 

Anyway, here is my latest entry for some points: A 28mm Napoleonic French Line Battery using Perry  castings. In terms of 'Republic to Empire' this represents four 6 pounders and two 5.5 inch howitzers. I will be beefing this battery up with another gun/crew and ultimately each will have a trail of limbers and caissons arrayed behind. Nonetheless, this is enough to establish as a 'unit' for now. So 1 point for each foot figure and 2 points for each gun = 18 points for the pot.

Back to the hobby bench for the Big Push!

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