Sunday, December 19, 2010

My Groovy New Dice Tower

I just got this bad boy through a chap I met on Ebay. This was acquired in an effort to save my figures and terrain from over enthusiastic dice rollers (tossers? throwers? hurlers?). You know who you are (<cough> Arthur, Dan...).

Anyway, this is pretty darn cool in a dorky kind of way. It was custom made for me by Bob Giesen in the U.S. who is a very nice fellow. He allows you a choice of wood, stain, felt colours, sanding finish, etc.

Its in two pieces and fits together nicely for storage. Pretty posh, eh? Eh?! Anyway, I'd now like to get one shaped like a windmill that would blend in with the table. You think that's too much? Naaa.

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