Wednesday, March 19, 2014

From TimB: Shaolin Monks, Yakusa, Demons & Dwarves (70 points)

From Tim:
A few odds and bits and parts of things I didn't quite get done in time - most of these are parts of forces for A Fistful of Kung Fu that I'd hoped to get done by the end of the Challenge - in fact most of them I've been sitting on for over a week (or two, in some cases) thinking I WOULD finish the forces and be able to post them all together... but I'm just not going to be able to. First I switched gears to get the Jacobite Highlanders done for the Last Stand entry. Then I switched gears again to crank out a few units for another project for my final entry (coming up) because... well... they'd be easier to paint and I'm a fair bit off my challenge goal and I would actually like to get SOMEWHAT close to my challenge goal.
These are the Shaolin Monks from the North Star Miniatures "Martial Arts Heroes" set. There's another five dudes that need to be finished up in this force. 
This lot is from the North Star Miniatures "Yakusa" set - there's only two left to finish up... which one would think I totally could have gotten done... but the last two have bare body bits I feel compelled to cover with yakusa-style tattoos... and that would take a bit more work... 
This lot is from the North Star Miniatures "Demons" set - this is the Minor Demon "Bruiser" and some Human Demon worshiper "extras" - which I've painted like the Wing Kong from Big Trouble in Little China. 
Finally - nothing at all to do with A Fistful of Kung Fu - a pair of dwarves. The fella is from West Wind Productions Dwarf Wars line, and the lass is an old Citadel Minatures pre-slotta base era  miniature I picked up off ebay a while back. 
The backs of said dwarves to show off their tartan... because I apparently didn't paint ENOUGH tartan last week... 

Cool beans Tim! Those Yakusa are fabulous minis and the grimacing dwarf makes me laugh aloud. 

These figures will give Tim 70 points. Great work Tim but now I see the stonking entry of your's coming up... Eek!


  1. Great bunch of painted mins.

  2. Nice work on these bits and bobs Tim. For the Yakuza with lots of bare skin, I believe that you can get tattoo decals which might save you from a few headaches.

    As for the dwarf lass, she's obviously been hanging around humans too much and has taken to shaving her beard :)

  3. That tartan is superb! Well done Tim.

  4. I like the dwarves and their tartans, the Fistfull of KungFu are great! I appreciate all the nods to Big trouble in Little China! Just got my kids hooked on that movie too! ;)

  5. Nice work as always Tim. The tartans on the dwarves is fab.


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