Wednesday, March 19, 2014

From TamsinP: 15mm Mongol Cavalry (108 points)

From Tamsin:
For my 18th entry in this year's Challenge I've gone for something a little different - some Mongol mounted troops. The figures are all 15mm from Donnington Miniatures.
"Why Mongols?" you ask. Well, the Korean army lists in FoG allow you to take nomad troops either as an allied contingent or as mercenaries/auxiliaries within the main list. This provides a very useful addition to the main Korean troop types.
First up we have 24 light horsemen. I went with fairly muted colours for these, with some splashes of colour.

Next up we have a command group for when I use them as an allied contingent.
"Hang on a second - that drummer's horse's head looks a bit strange"
"Oh, that would be because it's a camel, not a horse!"
It has come to my attention over the past few weeks that there was a rule for this year's Challenge that I'd missed in Curt's email to us late last year. It appears that every Challenger must submit at least one painted camel. When I realised this omission from my plans I promptly ordered one and here it is in my Mongol command group.

I do have some more Mongols for this small force - some foot archers and some heavy cavalry - but they won't be painted until after the Challenge.
I should also note that this will probably be my final entry, unless I manage to find enough time over the next few days to complete my buccaneer dragoons or command groups.
That is a very cool add on to your Korean list Tamsin and I quite like the way you've painted and arrayed them.  Of course the star of the group is the kettle drummer on the shaggy camel - wonderful.

These Mongols will give Tamsin 108 points. An excellent finish to your Challenge run this year. Well done Ms. P!


  1. These are really nicely done - I really like the swirling effect from how you've based them.

  2. I do love these large units of yours Tamsin.. Great stuff.

  3. Lovely work Tamsin and a great addition to the Korean force

  4. Dang. I've been chain smoking while I paint. I guess I got the wrong sort of camels? :-)

    These are a cracking entry Tamsin, possibly my favourite of all you've done this challenge. I especially like that you've added serial numbers to some of them. Given how many Mongols there were, number 3 must have been very early off the production line...

  5. I like these Mongols, Tamsin! I really appreciate the basing as well, mimics the harrassing tactics and emphasizes the irregular nature, disquised disciplined of the Mongols. Nicely done! ;)

  6. Really great looking tiny Mongols. Dang I missed the Camel requirement!
    Your one looks real good though.

  7. Nice stuff. The camel is especially cool.

  8. @ Curt - the camel is the star, forget the kettle drummer! :)

    @ Miles - I like basing my light horse archers like that as it does give an impression of how they fought

    @ Dave - this is hardly a large unit ;)

    @ Andrew - cheers!

    @ millsy - aahhh, the only cigarettes with a picture of the factory on the packet ;)
    Serial number? You cheeky so-and-so!
    "Come in number 3, your time is up"

    @ David - thanks. I think I've given a good impression of their tactics with the basing.

    @ Brendon - I very nearly missed it myself. It was only seeing others posting them that caused me to twig ;)

    @ Moiterei - thank you :)

    @ Phyllion - awww, that's a shame :(


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