Wednesday, March 19, 2014

From AndyM: 28mm SYW Imagi-Nation Regiment der Altefritzenburg (130 points)

From Andy:
Part of the reason for entering the Challenge this year was as a driver for a big 28mm ImagiNation game I'll be playing in May for which I've committed (more likely over-committed!) to paint a lot of 28mm SYW types to expand my existing ImagiNation Army of Altefritzenburg. My battalions are organized in companies of twelve with three musketeer and one grenadier company to a unit, officers out front and a stand with ensigns, drummer and NCO. So here are the first two musketeer companies of the Erste Regiment der Altefritzenburg.

The figures are RSM Austrian musketeers. These are the preferred choice for the bulk of my units. However, I'll be using Minden for command figures so the two officers out front are Minden Austrians. 

Beautiful work Andy! I love these figures with their green goats and red turnbacks and cuffs - wonderful. I have a bunch of Minden castings waiting in the wings and seeing yours makes me chomp at the bit to get stuck into them. I'll also have to check out these RSM models as they look quite fine as well. Thanks for showing these to us.

The Erste Regiment der Altefritzenburg will give Andy 130 points.


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