Wednesday, March 19, 2014

From KevH: 15mm AWI Command Stand & Artillery Limbers (22 points)

From Kev:
We are nearly there, I am rapidly trying to get some of the Saracen Cavalry finished in time. 
I aim to end the Challenge with a few Camels, haha. 
First up is a few bits I have been pottering away at over the last week. My first AWI, American Brigade Command. 15mm Lancashire Games Miniatures. A mounted and Foot officer.
Then followed by a couple of Limbers. These are the condensed limbers I will be using for our Black Powder games. Just two horses and a generic Rider. This was a couple of testers to see how they would look for the game. I am happy with them and the very quick simple paintjob.
I have got 22 of these lil buggers to make. They are 15mm Minifigs.

Test successful, I say! Another new project for us to enjoy, wonderful. These look marvellous Kev and I can't wait to see this army develop over the coming months. 

The command stand and limbers will give Kev 22 points.  I'll keep an eye out for those camels...


  1. 22 limbers? The mind boggles! Very well painted Kev.

    Maybe you could try limbers drawn by camels for bonus points?

    1. Haha, thought of that one already Michael

  2. Nice limbers and commanders Kev.

    Camels? I guess you found out about the secret Challenge Rule as well ;)

  3. Lovely work! I wanted to do Rev War, 1812, WSS, and the FIW,but my wife made me promise to do only one! Natives and Rangers it is then! ;)

  4. Very nice work. Those condensed limbers are a great idea.


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