Wednesday, March 19, 2014

From MilesR: 28mm WWII German 'Maus' Super Heavy Tank Destroyer (15 points)

From Miles:
Here’s a 28mm (1/56th scale) model of a German Maus Super Heavy Tank from Blitzkreig Models. Only two prototypes of the Maus where ever produced and neither saw combat but it’s a massive beast armed with a 128mm main gun along with a 75mm gun coax gun! It’s kind of a silly model to build for WW2, but I built it to enter into the Bolt Action Tank Platoon tournament at Cold Wars.
Like all of the Biltzkreig Models I’ve built this was a fantastic kit. The entire kit is resin cast (and weighs close to 2 lbs. I’ve put a 28mm US paratrooper figure next to model to show it’s size - it’s twice as big as a Tiger 1. I actually completed this model last february but waited to submit it so it would be a surprise at the tournament.
So how did I do? Hmmm well umm…. I came in last! It seems in Bolt Action sinking almost half your points into a single vehicle is not the brightest of ideas. I did have a lot of fun and received the last place award (which was a nice gift certificate to Warlord). Going forward I will be describing my performance as I was the highest ranked player who fielded a Maus at the tournament.
The model will be a fun component to any “Secret Mission” scenarios I cook up for WW2. I highly recommend Blitzkrieg models if your in the market for a tank from WW2.

That there is a monstrous bit of kit. Is this the same tank that couldn't go over most bridges due to both its size and weight? Ridonkulous. 

I've heard very good things about 'Blitzkrieg Models' and its great to see another example in the flesh, as it were. 

This Maus will give Miles 15 points. Thanks for showing us this Bad Lad, Miles!


  1. Sheer madness. But wonderful madness!

  2. Who cares if you came last Miles? You get first place for putting it on the table in my book. Nobody will remember who came first, but they will all remember this beast!

    1. Exactly... Who gives a monkeys about some faceless T34..

  3. Hilarious. It's a good job challenge points are awarded by volume and not weight!

  4. Nice looking beast! I bet it attracted a lot of fire! Probably could figure that in planning for future battles! I thought a King Tiger would be a worthy adversary for my planned Haunted Tank...this beastie looks way more boss! ;)

  5. I was kinda hoping it would scored by weight but I guess our fearless leader has scruples!

  6. *baits trap with a lump of Cheddar cheese*

    Nice work Miles and well done on being the highest rank player who fielded a Maus!

  7. That's a big beastie. Thanks for sharing your great looking tanks here.

  8. You did a great job on this monster! Was thinking of getting one myelf... maybe for next years challenge ;-)


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