Wednesday, March 19, 2014

From DaveD: 28mm US Cavalrymen (30 points)

From Dave:
A switch back to the Old West with some final elements for the collection here. I took part in Ian W's (Blog With No Name Secret Santa last Xmas, and I was lucky enough to receive some mounted US Cavalry by Wargames Foundry from my Secret Santa. It was an inspired choice  as this was one of  the last remaining elements I had to add to the collection. So here they are.

This does pretty much finish off the the collection.....well apart from the miners I have just sourced!! damn here we go again..!

I will be out on the road again with "Serenity" as I am taking it to my local show for  a participation game this weekend, looking forward to some game time.

Ah, but can a collection ever be truly finished Dave? In your case I hope not as I always love seeing new additions like these to 'Serenity'.  

These three fine US cavalrymen will give Dave 30 points.  Great work.


  1. Curt, you know... However much I think it is finished. It will always have a space for for just "a few more"

  2. Lovely work Dave, your gonna have Kev all of a lather with this one ;)

  3. Nice work Dave. Your horses are gorgeous! Any collection worth having is never truly complete (or so I tell my SWMBO)

  4. Great looking Cav! The horses are really keen!
    Like Michael said, no project is ever done, yet my wife wishes I didn't have so many! ;)

  5. Great work Dave - and they've arrived in the nick of time to save the day :)

    1. Could have done with the full contingent I think.... But I don't have them in the lead pile yet!

      Thanks Tamsin.

  6. Nice work Dave! I especially like the chap with the black hat as he looks like having a short nap on horse back to me.