Wednesday, March 19, 2014

From KevinS: 28mm WWII German Armour (80 points)

From Kevin:
More submissions from me as we race to the finish line.  I've been working on these 28mm vehicles off and on for a couple of months.  They represent my first use of an airbrush too. 
I can't deny that the finish is incredibly smooth and crisp, but its definitely a different way of painting to my normal style.  
Here you'll find armored vehicles camouflaged for Late War Western Europe: one Bolt Action US M-10 Tank destroyer with three crew (actually more like 1.5 crew given that you only see the top half of the figs); 
one West Wind "Berlin or Bust" Panther with commander; one West Wind "Berlin or Bust" Sherman; and one West Wind "Berlin or Bust" Sdkfz halftrack.  
The Bolt Action and West Wind miniatures seem to mix in well, although I'm not sure if West Wind's 28mm Krauts could squeeze into their Sdkfz with any degree of comfort.  
The big question remaining on my painting table: will I finally finish the Early War Old Contemptibles I began at the beginning of the painting challenge?

Thanks for your herculean efforts this long dark Winter.

Nice work Kevin! Funny enough I've never tried using an airbrush but I really should give it a go sometime. You just can't beat it for a smooth finish on these larger models. I really like the crew in the M10 as it always reminds me of both the size of these vehicles and the vulnerability of crews. 

These four vehicles and their crews will give Kevin 80 points. Great job.


  1. I do like a nice tank, and these fit the bill perfectly - I've seen so much nice WW2 stuff during the Challenge, I'm getting all nostalgic for what was once my hobby period of choice!

  2. Top work with the airbrush sir!

  3. Nice armor! I have to agree, lots of love to treadheads this challange period! ;)


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