Wednesday, March 19, 2014

From AndrewS: 20mm Sea Monkeys (er, People) & 28mm Farm Animals (424 points)

From LOKI:
It’s me again, I am still not hearing the fat lass singing so I am still applying paint with gusto. At this time of year we have to watch for those low flying sandbags and odd fellows in budgie smugglers .

This little lot is the first of the Sea peoples army, these are all Hat 20mm figures making up 3 warbands of 24 figures each for a total of 72 figures.

The first two units have similar colour schemes to denote they will be part of the same division, may not be a completely historical way of identifying the units but it works on the table top for me. The unit leaders are distinguished by a white reed in the front of the headgear.

The third unit is done with a different mix of colours and will form part of the 2nd division.

Also here is the first unit of Lukka Pirates to join my Sea Peoples force, 24 figures from Caesar’s 20mm range I wanted to give these fellows a similar look and make them distinct from the other units, So I went with Black kilts and bright banding on those. To set them off from the rest I decided to put freehand designs on the shields, as my research shows they are likely to have come from Anatolia or outlying Greek states so drew some inspiration from there and set about giving them a unified look. This unit has blue and red grounds for the designs and in total 20 of the group have been done this way.


This army should end up being a veritable riot of colour when finished, with all the bright banding and the bronze. All have been based as the Nubians were but without rocks as there literally is not space on a base for that its surprising the room one extra figure on a base takes up.

Finally, here are the first figures that I have completed as display pieces for the new range of figures from Warbases, I have a fair amount more to get completed yet.

These are all 28mm scale miniatures and consists of 2 Shire horses, 3 Highland cows, 2 Soay sheep and 2 lambs, A bloodhound, 3 Nubian Goats and A Bulldog for a total of 14 miniatures.

Ooh! New project, wonderful! These really look excellent Andrew. I've always liked Sea People figures with their whacky head-dress and kilts - a great excuse to go nuts with fun colours, which I see you've taken full advantage of. Excellent.

Love the farm animals as well, especially the long-horned cows. 

These Sea People and the charming animals will give Andrew a very impressive 424 points as he closes in on the 4000 point mark. Amazing.


  1. Very nice. Are you aiming to break the 4,000 barrier in the next 8 eights Loki?

  2. Low flying sandbags!!!!! Love it.

    Great stuff Loki

    1. Better than low flying budgie smugglers mate.

    2. It's the budgie smugglers with the sandbags stuffed down the front that really scare me.

  3. The Sea Peoples are really well done - very colorful

    Only 78 points from 4,000, yes-gads thats a huge level of production! I suspect you'll cross over the threshold in the next few hours

    As for sand-bagging, who would do such a dastardly thing? Are we all not civilized ladies, gentlemen here? Oh the shame and scorn that will be heaped on said sand baggage handler.

  4. Er. Ray... Or the sandbag king. ...

  5. I have to get some of that livestock - my Scots need something to rustle!
    ; )

    And those Sea Peoples (the Sherden, the Weshesh of the Sea and so forth) look better than any plastic figure has a right to! Terrific work, Andrew!

  6. Holy cow (no pun intended)! How do you paint this fast and do it so well at the same time?!? If anybody catches you it will be a miracle mate. You thoroughly deserve top spot.

  7. Very colorful bunch! I like the denotion of units and the subtle unsubtle way of denoting your elite band! The critters are grand too, I am fond of COBs and livestock is another overlooked stagedressing, objective, or even LOS/ formation blocker!

  8. Hmmm, I'm guessing that with other entries I suspect you've submitted, you will be leaving the 4000 point mark choking on your dust. Aiming for 5000? ;)

    Very colourful Sea People and I love the farm animals :)

  9. Nice Sea People and great looking farm animals. Looks like some great new product from warbases.

  10. Well, that's some awesome painting again! Your Sea People are great. I really like the way you do all this 20mm stuff.


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