Wednesday, March 19, 2014

From ByronM: 28mm French Napoleonic Infantry Battalion (161 points)

From Byron:
One of the items I wanted to get done for this years painting challenge was a unit of Napoleonic figures.  It started a few years back with Curt and Greg’s lovely French and Austrian figures and seeing how great ranked up models looked.  After playing a few games with them I jokingly said to Curt that I would have to paint up a unit at some point so that I could contribute to a game.  I know, huge contribution…. one lowly unit, but hey, you have to start someplace.
So, when this years challenge came around I revisited the thought and decided to do a unit of French line infantry.  Having some French blood and since the Napoleonic period history wise was arguably the last time the French were a real world power, I chose them.  Also I can simply blame the French rather than my own inept gameplay or strategic choices if something goes wrong.  Sounds like a good plan, right? 
Anyway, here is my recreation of the 28th French Line Regiment.  It is made up of 29 foot infantry and 1 mounted officer.  All of the foot infantry are Perry plastics which were extremely simple to work with and like up and very easy to clean.  They are a little static, but being ranked up, thats probably a really good thing, since I still have nightmares from trying to rank up some Games Workshop Fantasy units.  The mounted officer is a metal Foundry figure.  I also shelled out for a banner from the Flag Dude, which is just amazing, I am so happy I ordered that rather than attempt to form one myself.  For the price, it saved hours of cursing at a banner.
I followed the same basing standard as Curt and Greg, mounting 4 to a stand and 8 (6 in this case due to a mounted officer) on the central stand.
They are not perfect, and some spots are a bit rough, and I know for a fact I probably made some mistakes on the uniform, I feel they are good enough for a solid gaming standard.  I may go back and clean up some of the brushwork at a later point, but for now…. They are done.
They took a lot of time and effort, being completely unfamiliar with the uniforms of the period.  All I can say is, why did the french have to be so vain?  Why not simple uniforms? All that piping and trim, what a pain….
Oh, and a big thank you to Curt, for putting up with all my questions about the uniforms.

Oh wow, Byron, this battalion is freakin' gorgeous. I think you're beating yourself up being too much of a perfectionist. I'd be absolutely delighted to have this battalion in my collection. 

The thing to remember about painting Napoleonics in large scale is not to sweat the details. Sure, it's wonderful to slavishly delve into the fetishistic details of the period's uniforms, but once you see these fine fellows along with 12-20 other battalions then it becomes the 'forrest, not the trees' which provides the greatest impression to the viewer. 

Like I said before, 'Can I have them?' ;)

Seriously, I look forward to them being brigaded with my lads next time we get together.

This wonderful battalion of Napoleon's Grande Armee will give Byron 161 points. Again, beautiful work.


  1. Nice work, Byron! Like Curt says, stop beating yourself up - they look great! I have to get back to finishing my stuff!! :)
    (a little over 2 hours to go...)

  2. Oh wow, they're gorgeous. The eagle and colour is magnificent!

  3. Great looking unit! Cept, now I'm tempted to add mounted officers to my own! ;)

  4. Thanks for the kind words everyone.

    Curt, again, if I gave them to you, how would I ever collect a force of my own? Sorry....

  5. Congrats on getting these done Byron! Just three more and you'll have a brigade...just saying...


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