Wednesday, March 19, 2014

From JamesL: 28mm WWII German Heavy Mortar Team, US Easy 8 Sherman Tank & 'Rolf Steiner' (55 points)

From James:
Please find attached the last of my Germans for the painting challenge, a Warlord Games 28mm Heavy Mortar team for my German Bolt Action army. Painted with Vallejo paints over an a PSC spray undercoat.

Photo is taken with my phone on a timer and Macro setting, using a little suction cup ball that slides onto the back to act as a mini tripod. Revolutionising my in game action shots, believe me….
Curt, you asked for it, here she is “Siegfried’, my M3E4 “Easy 8” Sherman tank for my new US Army 28mm army. Another Warlords model, I used the Plastic Soldier Company base coat spray followed by layers of Vallejo Brown Violet and GW Agrax Earthshade wash. 
Decals are Warlords.
I experimented with some weathering on the tracks and sides for fun.
Finally, here he is, James Coburn aka Sergeant Rolf Steiner from ‘Cross of Iron”, my entry figure for the Challenge.

I converted a Warlords German by filing down his normal webbing to represent Steiner’s over jacket, added Russian arms and a PPsH 41 SMG, as per the movie.

Sporting grey hair and blue eyes, Steiner is ready to take on Ivan….
Thanks very much Curt for hosting this Challenge, I’ve extended my painting techniques through trying to keep up with the amazing standard I’ve seen here, and have been encouraged by all the kind comments from painters whose work constantly amazes and impresses me..thanks guys!
The Challenge gave me the impetus to get my new US Army 2/3 done, and to finish a few Germans lurking in the shadows….
All the best mate, Steiner is on his way!
Ah, this is great stuff James. I really like the muted camo of the mortar team and that Easy 8 is suitably authoritative on the tabletop (until, of course, it runs across the the next Panther down the lane). 

Thanks so much for your wonderful rendition of Rolf Steiner! I particularly appreciate the efforts you put into making his uniform and weapon as it was seen in the film - bravo sir! Moreso thank you for joining us in the Challenge James, I'm delighted that it helped spur you along in your WWII project. 

The German mortar team, the Sherman and Steiner will give James 55 points, more than enough for him to meet his Challenge target of 500 points. Well done!


  1. Great work and target reached. Double triple whammy with the entry fee figure (Curtgeld) completed as well.

  2. Nice one James. Another Steiner!


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