Wednesday, March 19, 2014

From KevH: 20mm Saracen Infantry and Cavalry (488 points)

...and the titanic struggle for 2nd place in the points roster continues into the night...

From Kev:
Well, we are nearly there. This will probably be my final entry. If I do get anything else finished, it may appear, but unlikely.
This lot is all Saracens (Ayubids). All 1/72 scale by either Strelets or HaT. This nearly completes the army, I only need some light cavalry units that I will add when I purchase or convert them.
First up are the last of the infantry. Another Ghazi Fanatic Warband, once again in the black garb (24 figures)

Two Light Infantry Bow units to add to the earlier one I did. (16 figures) 

And two small skirmish units with Javelins (6 figures).

Then at last the Cavalry. Two units of Mamluk Heavy Cavalry with Bows, (12 Mounted figures)

Two units of Mamluk Heavy Cavalry with Spears, (12 Mounted Figures)

One unit of Turks Heavy Cavalry with Spears, (6 mounted figures)

Two Divisional Command stands, (4 mounted figures)

and what better to finish on than "Camels" Well everyone has done them, or so it seems. A small unit of Camel riders with bows (4 mounted figures). Quite a few are conversions.

I will have to take a pic of both the Crusader and Saracen armies.
Well, thats me done I think. It's in the lap of the gods now...

Holy cow! That is an amazing entry Kev and such beautiful work. Those Ghazi Fanatics are still the bomb and I'm glad you managed to get some camels into the mix - all the cool kids are doing them y'know. :)

These Saracens will give Kev 488 points, slipping him past Dave in the final run into the finishing straight... The mind just boggles at the points being broadsided at this rarified upper atmosphere...


  1. I love these! So colourful! I find it really hard to make 1/72 plastic look good - you've clearly got it figured out - these are masterfully done!

  2. These are excellent - I was gobsmacked when I saw that they were 20mm. Such detail!

  3. Superb stuff Kev..well done on getting over 3000 PTS. Great camels

  4. Another huge entry of excellent figures from Kev. It does seem that there was a rule about submitting at least one camel this year :)

  5. Superb work Ken. I'm also amazed at the detail painting in a 20mm scale
    Very well done!

  6. That is some serious eye candy sir. I'm glad I don't have to pick a favourite from amongst that lot.

  7. Thankyou for the Great comments everyone.
    I must say, I have really enjoyed painting the Crusades armies and I will be adding to them in the future.

  8. A fantastic looking army Kev. Well done.

  9. Lovely troops, fit rivals for your wonderful templars too!

  10. Great work! I really like the bright colours you choose.


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