Wednesday, March 19, 2014

From FranL: 28mm Zombies for 'Zombicide' (120 points)

From Fran:
These boys or zombies are more  28mm plastic madness from Zombicide, these 24 are Angry Zombies and also known as Beserker zombies, they are mutating into something less zombie and more angry armoured nasties and only a head shot counts with these walking dead!
Above is a group shot of the assembled horde, these zombies are from the prison set and mostly feature prisoners in their uniforms plus one of a female guard I believe.
Below is a close up of the fuglies, their skin is mutating and hardening to give them some armour plus there mouths are distending and protruding jaws and teeth.
I painted them as normal but with all the overalls/prison garb I went with red and then thought yellow for the special category of prisoner ( and to show some variety), the skin was given a wash of red ink to show the mutating change at work, you get three unique sculpts as well which include the fattie and the two others to his left in the front row I believe.
Thanks to Curt for the usual madness this year. 

Always happy to provide a bit of fun-filled lunacy for my friends.

What a wonderfully disgusting group of figures! Bravo Fran! I like your use of washes to denote different 'categories' of zombies or where they sit in their undead 'shelf life'. 

These assorted actively lifeless fuglies will give Fran 120 points. It was a great run, well done mon ami!


  1. Nice one Fran. I'm trying to work out who painted more undead, you or me! :-)

  2. Lovely work Fran these look suitably disgusting and hard to kill

  3. Nice, er, gruesome looking crew, Fran!

  4. Another bonkers entry from the big fella - great work Fran :)

  5. Well I think it counts as compliment for everyone painting Z's when I say I'm glad I already had supper, isn't it?


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