Wednesday, March 19, 2014

From JohnM: 20mm Vickers Armstrong Light Tank & Finnish Support Weapon Teams (84 points)

From John:
Winter War Finns Support Weapons
One of the aspects of 'Chain of Command' that I really enjoy is selecting support options for the basic platoon, lot of fun and offers a lot of flexibility. I was lucky with the Warmodelling (Fantassin), in that they really have put together a rather complete force. I generally try to select something from each list. List One is usually pretty straight forward and includes things like giving a Molotov to each section, or providing entrenchments for one team.
From List Three I have put together a 25mm Hotchkiss AT Gun with 5 crew and a Junior leader, as well as five man Maxim MMG and Boyes AT rifle teams. The 25 mm gun is from SHQ. I think it is a little undersized, especially the gun barrel.
From List Four, we have a Vickers Armstrong Mk B. This model is also from SHQ miniatures. I enjoyed painting the Finnish flag on the turret. 
Finally from List Five, I have done a 8cm mortar. This is of course off table in Chain of Command with just the FO on the table.
I have already made some comments about  these miniatures, I understand that Eureka also has some Winter War Finns in 20 mm, this line is certainly not as complete as the Warmodelling range. The trees are from Gale Force Nine are 1/100 scale rather then 1/76 scale but they will do. GF9 certainly has lots of nice accessories for winter wargaming and I am sure I will buy some more.

I've always liked the SHQ range and these models don't disappoint, especially with the fine work you've put into them John. 

I have these tree sets from GF9 and like them as well. Remember John, there is no real 'scale' when it comes to trees...

These Fins will give John 84 points. Great work.


  1. Nice work John. Good to see the close defence teams in action on the gun.

  2. You have done a great job on these


  3. Well done on the Finns! Always great to see some of these guys.


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