Wednesday, March 19, 2014

From RobH: Silent Death Spacecraft (24 points)

From Rob:
Here is my next entry - a small Kashmeri convoy, with escort. Six Silent Death spaceships (two Lakshmi fast freighters, two Marut single man fighters, and two Deathwind III multii-man fighters), all from Iron Crown Enterprises, though Metal Express is the new caster and distributor.
In Silent Death, the Kashmere Commonwealth is the premier trading power in the galaxy, and they have the ships to back it up - and plenty of pirates willing to take their wares. 
The Lakshmi is a fast freighter, and the preferred way to get small cargoes where they need to be in a hurry. Turreted twin impulseguns and a brace of torpedoes will keep enemy ships away, while protected engines provide plenty of thrust. The Marut is a Kashmeri fighter designed to be carried in the cargo/shuttlebays of larger ships, and provide a powerful punch against other fighters it's size. The Deathwinds are a modification of the old Delta Combine, replacing the miniguns and splattergun with a impulse guns, while keeping the pilot's ion ram. 
So here we have a small, but highly lucrative, delivery being made. The paint scheme is simple - a dark brown hull, with a gold stripe and all crevices and borders blacklined. The photos I'm highly dissatisfied with, but the lighting conditions can't be helped, and I'm still learning how to take good miniature photos and tweak things in Photoshop. They'll serve.  
I have at least one, and hopefully two more entries coming before the close of the painting competition, which should put me over my admittedly small mark.

Cool! I did not realize that 'Silent Death' was still around (early '90s right?). I seem to remember the rules being quite detailed, but I may be wrong. I definitely remember I liked the design of the spaceships and these definitely look great.

These six Kashmeri ships will give Rob 24 points. I'll catch up with your next entry in a few hours!


  1. Nice stuff. I've never heard of Silent Death. I'll have to check it out...

  2. Nice looking ships! I haven't played Silent Death, but with the demise of BFG, I am looking for craft to proxie into the Gothic fleet lists. These look comparable to the Chaos lists with the advantage of being less spikey! ;)

  3. Cool stuff! Have never heard of Silent Death before but your ships look great.

  4. Thanks, everybody.

    The Silent Death universe is extensively detailed, but the actual game rules are pretty simple to learn and play. Metal Express ( currently sells PDF and hardback copies of the rule and House books, as well as the ships. Most of my ships have been scrounged from the depths of ebay. It's an absolute BLAST to play, and easy to learn.

    David, I think if you're looking for ships for Battlefleet Gothic, you'd be better off hitting up Ground Zero Games. Silent Death ships are pretty, but most are too small to fit in well with Battlefleet Gothic ones.


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