Wednesday, March 19, 2014

From RobH: 28mm 'Safari into Danger' (100 points)

From Rob:

Here is the Safari into Danger! It was to be my entry for the Non-Combatants round, last year, but I wasn't quite finished with it, and so they've sat on the painting table to the end of the painting competition. Now, here they are.
Sir Nathaniel Grey. - A distant relative of the Earl and Lady Grey, Sir Nathaniel had a distinguished career in Her Majesty's 56th Regiment of Foot before retiring to explore the Darkest Continent at the behest of the Royal Geographic Society. Having spent much of the last decade in Africa, he is much in demand as a guide to those seeking passage through Kenya, Deutsch-Ostafrika and Equatoria.
Grafin Augusta von Pfeilmacher - Cousin to the Kaiser, and the aunt of the current commander of Wissmanntruppe forces in this part of Deutsch-Ostafrika, Herr Major Joachim von Vogel. A world renowned traveler and adventuress, she has decided to visit her nephew as part of her journeys to Equatoria and Parts Unknown. Since her usual travelling companions are unavailable, she has joined the caravan led by Sir Nathaniel, accompanied by three porters she enlisted in Bagamayo - Mosi, Chiumbo and Mwenye. Where she goes, trouble often follows.
The Reverend and Mrs. Lovejoy - The Reverend Peter Lovejoy has been a staple of the English Bible Society mission efforts. Having long served as the chair of the Society's fundraising efforts in Wales and the West Country, the Reverend and his wife Rebecca have been dispatched to the missions on Lake Victoria and Equatoria to take station after the loss of Bishop Harrington. They seek to spread the Good News of the Bible and the red Book of Common Prayer, and to counter the influence of both the rival Scottish missionaries, with their dour Presbyterianism, and the Catholic influence of the French, German and Belgian nuns. Here, they take a moment to try their various styles on Dejen.
Hamid - Hamid is, to all appearances, ever ready to tend to the needs of his thirsty master in Deutsch-Ostafrika. Originally part of Herr Major von Vogel's household, he has agreed to his master's request to serve as majordomo to Grafin Augusta. Whether his ears are open, and whether he is in the service of other masters, especially the shadowy British Intelligence Directorate, can neither be confirmed nor denied.
The Porters - Thirteen porters accompany the party as they travel through the savannah and on to Equatoria. Mosi, Chiumbo and Mwenye are in the service of Grafin Augusta, carrying her hatboxes and other garments. Jumaane and Otieno carry the baggage of the Lovejoys, while Kato and Tewodros schlep crates full of Bibles and Books of Common Prayer. Tafari, Jengo, Gwandova, Dejen, Kirabo and Masamba are carrying various trade goods and bribes to ensure safe passage for Sir Nathaniel and party. 

All are 28mm Foundry sculpts. The Reverend Lovejoy, EBS, is the "Doctor Zwingili" figure from Traders and Travellers - DA017. Mrs. Rebecca Lovejoy and Aunt Augusta are both from Deadlier than the Male - DA016 (nice bit of Kipling there); Mrs. Rebecca Lovejoy is the "Agnes Day" figure, and Aunt Augusta is "Mimi."  Sir Nathaniel Grey is the "David Livingstone" figure from Men of Substance - DA011, and Hamid comes from the pack Askari Characters - DA014, "Sir Garnet." The porters are all from the Bearer's packs - DA021 and DA023. They were painted in my standard three-part shade/main color/highlight, except I experimented with using washes on some of the bearers to get darker skin colors. I left the bases plain, since I'm not certain quite how I want to finish the bases beyond this.

Wow! I love how fully realized your adventure safari is. Rob, is this part of an existing campaign or something coming up? It would be an absolute blast to role-play.

'Safari into Danger" will give Rob 100 points, with a bit extra added for the great setting!  This in turn will give Rob enough points to meet his Challenge goal. Congratulations and thanks for sharing your safari with us Rob! 


  1. Nice minis and congrats on target reached.

  2. Well done Rob and congrats on reaching your total. Loved the background!

  3. Nicey done! I have been playing "the Lion Eats Tonight" by Howard Whitehouse. It is a quirky safari game where the animals are players too and incredibly fun. I have been thinking of the foundry range for adding to the hunters and porters....but my kids will probably still use the reaper cowboys! ;)

  4. Thanks, everybody!

    Curt, they're planned as part of a role-playing driven campaign, much like General Pettygree's. My gaming group has had a great deal of fun - and chaos - with role-playing World War I fighter pilots, so adding a role-playing dimension to Colonials should work. So far, no games have been played (since I'm such a slow painter), but I have some pretty substantial forces.

    The backgrounds were fun to make up!


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