Thursday, March 20, 2014

From SamuliS: 28mm Dinosaur, Bard & Challenge Desperado (45 points)

From Samuli:
All good things come to an end, which means that I must present to you my last entry for the painting challenge. A slightly smaller one, though it does include the largest single "mini" that I've done for the challenge!
First up the entry fee desperado. The mini is from Foundry (I think). Bought it off a club mate when I realized I didn't have any suitable minis available. Painted with pretty quite down to earth colours as I didn't want to go too over the board with him.

Next we have a Gripping Beast Bard for Saga. Funny looking mini, though I doubt he'll have much use in the game. Forgot to get any suitable minis for the Sarah's choice category, but I'm hoping that a bard might help gain at least some pity points thanks to his heart wrenching songs :)

And finally we have Danny the Dino. Some cheap 2 euro toy from a trinket store. Green stuff to fill in the most horrible moulding lines and finally painted with an airbrush. This was a random side project which always went ahead a bit when I was bored with other things and had the airbrush handy. Named after the most horrendous music video of all time, from a Finnish artist called Danny. Ever jealous of Swedish success somebody decided it might be a good idea to copy ABBA and their style. Didn't end that well. If you are able to find any choreography worse than this I congratulate you!

Finally as there seem to be some funny dresses I thought I might contribute mine. Unfortunately due to restrictions caused by my age I'm not really able to go back to the 70s :) However at least I can be more colourful than the rest of you in my nice pink outfit complete with a funny hat. 
Student fashion is a bit different in Finland. Every different study field has their own colour which also varies by their University. Where I used to study the mechanical engineers wore pink, because it's pretty much the manliest colour available. Plus it's pretty easy to find your mates when nobody else wears the same colours anywhere.
Awesome dinosaur Samuli! I really like how you did the stripes on him - very cool.

I will direct Sarah to your ardent bard, but I wouldn't hold your breath (but you never know).

Thank you very much for the excellent gunslinger. His grey waistcoat and pocket watch chain makes him quite spiffing.

I must say I'm a bit bamboozled by your university togs. I dunno, maybe you should have gone into Home Economics or something...

This eclectic mix of figures will give Samuli 45 points, which, along with your upcoming points for the bonus round, will put you over your Challenge target of 1200 points. Congratulations and thanks again!


  1. I told myself, "don't click on the video link, that way lies madness..."

    But I clicked on it. What has been seen cannot be unseen. May all the gods have mercy...!

    But, hey, great figs!
    ; )

    1. "What has been seen cannot be unseen."
      Indeed. And now we have to live with that memory forever.

    2. I have a feeling I should have submitted the Dino earlier with the link. I might have been able to slow down everyones painting and gain a few places... Oh well. Maybe next year :)

  2. Very nice work Samuli and what a fun dino :)

  3. Quite a mix of stuff there Samuli but all of it well executed. I think the dino is my favourite. Don't quite know what to say about the outfit. Maybe that says it all!

  4. Thank you guys!

    Us mechanical engineers have weird fashion choices indeed. But heck it gets you noticed! And that's always a bonus when you are studying something where 96% students are guys.

  5. The dino is grand! You should get extra points for posting the pink jumpsuit! ;)

  6. Very nice work on all of it! I really like your Dino.


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