Thursday, March 20, 2014

From MilesR: 28mm ACW & WWII British Honey (165 points)

From Miles:

One final ACW themed submission for this year’s challenge. It consists of three parts - a 24 figure Union Infantry regiment, a Union 10 lb Parrot gun, caisson and crew and, lastly, a special “character” themed figure. All of the mini’s are 28mm and are either Perry plastics or metals. Above is a shot of the gun and infantry regiment. A regiment that was submitted earlier can be seen in support. Sadly, I have run out of flags so this unit has no colors to bear - ohhh the shame….
Another shot from the regiments right flank. This unit brings my Union force to a total of 16 infantry regiments, which I think will be enough for the Historicon game. I hope so - because I’m a bit worn out painting ACW figures right now.
A shot from the left flank. You’ll notice that this regiment has two officers - I’m running out of figures to paint. One of the great benefits of the Challenge to the hobby industry is that we all deplete our lead pile stores over the course of three months hectic painting. Like squirrels storing nuts, we will all likely spend the next 9 months replenishing those lead supplies, which will undoubtably create a boom in hobby industry sales.
A close up of the gun and crew. Some of you may notice that I’ve modeled the gun shooting at a distant target since the barrel is at max elevation. As rifled guns had longer ranges they were often employed against distant targets so this type of pose is historically accurate. The fact that I lost the elevation screw part, as it fell under my work bench into the “zone of lost detail parts never to be seen again”, had no bearing on my modeling decisions….
One last shot of the regiment. Once I get another box set, I’ll replace the second officer with a drummer.
My last ACW figure is intend to be used as a hero marker, as per the Longstreet ruleset. I was inspired by a photo, which may or may not have significant historical relevance, that depicted a stalwart and well groomed son of Mississippi defending his beloved state from the depredations of the Yankee aggressors.

Yes this “Confederate Fabio” was an awe inspiring testament to the qualities of the confederate soldier and the benefit of modern hair care science. It took a bit of green stuff to get his tresses coifed but it was worth the effort. I present to you Corporal Curtis Beau Luke Campbell of the 3rd Mississippi regiment, CSA:
“Just a Good ol’boy
Never meanin’ no harm
Beat all you ever saw
Been in trouble with the North
Since the day he was born”
My apologies to Waylon Jennings for paraphrasing his theme song. :)

AND one last submission (I can’t stop!). I was cleaning off my workbench and noticed a lone 28mm British Honey tank from Blitzkrieg Miniatures sitting on the bench - all primed and nowhere to go. A few swipes of the paint brush and then some weathering and it’s done. I had intended for this model to be my first entry in this year’s challenge but never got around to painting it until today. I tired the Vallejo brush on primer for this model and really like the results. Sorry no decals - I’ve run out!

Curt: Thanks for running a fabulous Challenge this year - I have been dually inspired by the quality of submissions from every participant and your tireless efforts to keep the event rolling along. We all now face a bit of withdrawal over the next few weeks but it was a grand ride and I’m very grateful to have been allowed to participate. Well done everyone!

I'm sure if nothing else Corporal Campbell, like his decedent, will be a legend in his own mind... 

These Union troops, their Parrot rifle and crew and the Honey will give Miles 165 points. 

Fabulous work Miles! These serve as a great final effort to your Challenge and I thank you for joining us once again for the journey. Your unflagging energy and indefatigable sense of humour always serves as a great touchstone to all of us participating in the event. Thank you.


  1. Terrific stuff Miles...

    I was wondering if I was the only one in withdrawal. Apparently not! Maybe we should form the PCA (Painting Challenge Anonymous) and start having meetings?

  2. *runs up the white flag*

    OK, Miles - I concede 6th place to you - not 5th place as The Big Oirish Fella will be sneaking off with that when the Last stand points are added on ;)

    If you hadn't entered these then my own final entry might just have kept me ahead of you, but that's life! Thanks for keeping me plugging away Miles :)

    Great work on these and that's a great conversion job :)

  3. Confederate troops AND General Stuart? Excellent work!

  4. Great idea about Corporal Cambell. It really made my day.

  5. Great painting. Love the Stuart Tank. One of my favourite tanks of all time.


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