Thursday, March 20, 2014

From JohnM: 20mm WWII Finnish Infantry (66 points)

From John:
Well this will make my last submission for this year's challenge. This finishes my platoon from Finland for the 3 month Winter War, 1939-40. I have added 17 new figures. I now have two Senior Leaders, the Vanrikki with his pistol and the Kersantti with his rifle as well as 4 Junior Leaders, the Alikersantti with their 4 sections; two comprised of LMG and rifle teams and two comprised of SMG and rifle teams. The final photo shows their organisation with previously painted supports. I really did not expect to get this platoon done so soon, so I am quite pleased.
I am quite relieved to put down the painting brush and get back to gaming and terrain construction. I have come up just shy of my 1500 point projection, but so it goes. It has been a very busy 3 months for me personally and it was hard to get in painting time. I would have like to have got more Napoleonics done.

Anyway thanks again to Curt, another great contest. I wonder if you will do it again! There have been really fantastic figures to be seen. I see Andrew is closing in on 4000 points which requires a special mention, and I have enjoyed everyone's entries. Some amazing painters out there. 

Great work John! I know you had a slow start this year but you came on like a lion and almost made your target.

These Finnish troops will give John 66 points. Well done. Now, go back to your terrain building and let's see some fun AARs from your blog!


  1. Still more Finns? Great work John - I'll bet you'll be glad to get away from painting white :)

  2. Nice looking force, and an advantage of the challenge! You have a great force to game with for the rest of the year! ;)

  3. Great work on the Finns again! At some point I have to do some myself definitely.

  4. Well done mate and congrats on finishing the platoon!


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