Thursday, March 20, 2014

From AndrewS: 28mm Napoleonic French Infantry Battalions (203 points)

I thought it best to have Andrew, our top-ranked Challenger in the points standing, to bring up the rear-guard before I officially close this year's Challenge.

From AndrewS:
For my  final submission I wanted to return to the Napoleonics and go out on a high these should take me over the 4000 point mark if I have done my sums right.
3 battalions of 28mm French and allied forces. These are all Perry Figures with a splash of Foundry to make up the numbers.
First up is a 16 figure regiment of line in greatcoats with flag again the mix of figures has worked well for these.
Next is my Battalion of 12 figures of the 1st Swiss all Perry plastics, playing black powder at the reduced scale we do really works for the smaller table we regularly play on and does save on the time getting a unit to the table.

Finally I present 12 figures representing the 1st battalion of the 2nd Berg regiment a mix of figures, these guys were a touch more work but I think I got the campaign look just right without detracting from the unit as a whole.

Well that is all I have for this years challenge it has been a very good one this year thanks for having me along for the ride.

Ah, it's great that you end with figures for 'The Beautiful Game' - thanks for this Andrew. Lovely work as usual but I have to say that those lads from Berg are very fine indeed. I really like the campaign look of these fellows.

These three battalions will give Andrew 203 points which will be more than enough for him to break the 4K level. Fabulous stuff Loki and congratulations on your First Place standing in the points race - a monumental (and inspiring) amount of work. Bravo!!

On an administrative note: I'm going to be tallying the bonus round and posting my last entry later today. This may be a few hours as I've been up for quite sometime (yawn). Please check back for the wrap-up... Thank you all!!


  1. Excellent work Loki and congrats on the first place, not to mention busting through the 4k tape.

    And well done Curt for the marathon effort of getting all the final entries posted :)

  2. Beauties by Andrew. I like the Berg colors. I think I'll try the reduced-sized units the next time I play Black Powder. Best, Dean

  3. Excellent work Buddy, no doubt my Brits will be facing these lil beauties later this evening.
    A Mahooooooosive congrats on the 4k and 1st place and a huge "Well Done" to Curt for this monstrous thing he started.
    Sir I salute you, :-)

  4. What an achievement - a great total, and some cracking paint jobs

    a thoroughly deserved place on the top of the podium

    1. And it looks like a Peoples Republic of Yorkshire 1-2-3!!

  5. Congrats on the first place! Quite an impressive finish too!

  6. This is a great last submission Andrew. Top notch work!

    Congratulations on those points, very impressive!

  7. Smashing battalion, Andrew! They are wonderful I like the regimental uniformity broken by replacement trousers and odd blanket roll, I think I've done that ruck march! ;)
    Congrats on the 4k! Most of all thanks to Curt! I may not have participated nor even kept up with my private participation of diminishing my own mountain of neglect; however, I really enjoyed viewing all the entries! Lots of neat stuff this year! I will suffer through withdraw for the next few months and will also eagerly await the next challenge start! Kudos to all! ;)

  8. Congrats on the win and the Yorkshire top 3!!!

  9. The honour of the last place should be yours, a terrific final entry to match a terrific score


  10. Wow what an achievement. And a fine way to finish - all those cuffs and straps! Brilliant stuff.

  11. congrats on a well deserved win some amazing painting and a great total well done

  12. Well done that man! Lovely figures in the last entry.

  13. Very well done and congrats for smashing right through the 4k mark.

  14. Great work Loki! Love the Swiss & Congrats on the No1 spot!

  15. Andrew must feel like the Dutch skaters at the winterolympics earlier this year. There were others participating :-)

  16. Superb stuff Andrew. The blue on the Bergers is stunning. Congrats on securing top spot, you've more than earned it and have turned in some amazing entries along the way. Well done mate!

  17. Great work Loki - an a very fitting end to this years Challenge
    4K points - simply astonishing

  18. Excellent work Andrew. Well done champ for a Herculean effort.

  19. Andrew, I am so amazed at your output while keeping such a high quality!

    Congratulations on the top spot!


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