Thursday, March 20, 2014

From MarkG: 28mm Union Infantry Regiment, Gun with Crew & AWI South Carolina Militia (290 points)

From Mark:
So I managed to get 3 final entries done for the end of the challenge. I had hoped to get over the 1000 points mark, but I messed up the dates, thinking the deadline was tomorrow. Thankfully the countdown clock this evening dispelled that illusion, and I had to quickly finish some figures and base them up.
The first unit is of 32 figures from the Perry Miniatures American Civil War (ACW) range. This is for a new project. Anyway they were very nice, a bit smaller than the AWI range, but easy to paint up.

The next submission is one artillery piece and crew from the new Perry Plastics ACW artillery set; lovely figures, natural poses, and easy on the paint brushes, highly recommended if you’re getting into ACW.  These are painted up as Union Rifled Artillery.

The last entry is of South Carolina Militia for the American War of Independence. More Perry goodness again. A bit bulkier than the ACW figures, but very nice to paint, the wrinkled shirts lend themselves well to washing and highlighting.

Obviously these are my last entries into the challenge. It’s been a rollercoaster 3 months on the painting table. Highly enjoyable all round, and has in some small way, cleared some old and new unpainted lead out of the cupboard.”

Wonderful final effort Mark! I quite like that Union regiment along with the artillery crew - very fine work. 

These two regiments along with the gun and crew will give Mark 290 points.  Excellent burst to the finish Mark! Also, my deep thanks again for providing prize support for the Challenge - it is very, very much appreciated.


  1. Well done that man... they look great

  2. Spiffy looking regiments! I like that a fw of you fellows have also done the Perry ACW artillery I need 12 cannon for miner creek, seeing the product built and painted makes the choice quite easy! ;)

  3. Thank you all. It was fun wasn't it. I hope for the next challenge that I learn how to take better photos (or perhaps just get a better camera) :-)
    I'm sure that I'll be seeing some of you at Salute again.

  4. Nice work Mark, especially the AWI troops.

  5. Those are some great looking units in this big entry. Great painting.


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