Thursday, March 20, 2014

From KevinS: 15mm WWII American Armour & Challenge Desperado (44 points)

From Kevin:
Just finishing off some more projects.  Here are some Battlefront 15mm US tanks.  From left to right: M18 Hellcat, two M4 Shermans, and one M4A1 Sherman.  They were all painted in Vallejo colors with an airbrush.  Then I washed the tanks with AK Interactive's Nato weathering set.  These were a breeze to paint up in comparison to the earlier 28mm submissions.

This is my competition "entry fee", soon to depart San Diego for the frozen wastes of Canada.  I have no idea who manufactured this figure, but I acquired it some years ago when my local gaming friends were into Legends of the Old West.  I never got around to painting it up until this week.

Nice work on the tanks Kevin and thanks so much for the great figure (he has an excellent Sam Elliot moustache).

The Yank armour and Challenge Desperado will give Kevin 44 points. Good job and thank you!


  1. Nice tanks and a lovely cowboy :)

  2. Now THAT is a moustache! Well done mate.

  3. Great looking tanks and cowboy! Remember, guns don't kill people, people with moustaches kill people! ;)


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