Thursday, March 20, 2014

From KevinS: 28mm WWI Early War British Infantry (100 points)

From Kevin:
Here's my last submission for the challenge: 20 Early War British infantry from Battle Honors.  Included in the series are a colour sergeant, an officer and a heavy machine gun team on the run. 

I started these (and others) on the first day of the painting challenge.  Today I finished them.  Something tells me my heart wasn't in them.  They have lively poses, but I have to admit the sculpting is not quite up to the standard of Great War Miniatures.  In any case here they are, ready for the tabletop.

I dunno Kevin, these guys look pretty nice to me.  I really like the officer blowing the whistle and gesturing with his walking stick - classic pose.

These twenty Old Contemptibles will give Kevin a very tidy 100 points. Well done and thank you.


  1. Lovely stuff Kevin. I do know the feeling having started my Viking berserkers quite early on but then never touching them (they got hidden away so as not to shame me).

  2. They look grand! It was probably veiwing the running gun crew that did it, I'm tuckered out imaging the sprint with that honking equipment...and ammo! ;)

  3. Despite your issues with them I really like the results! Very nice work.

  4. I've got stuff I started but haven't finished too. Sometimes you just have to go with the flow. These have come out really well though and I suspect in time you'll be happier with them.

  5. They look good to me. Great job.


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