Thursday, March 20, 2014

From IanW: 28mm Lord of the Rings Archers, Spearmen and Character Figure (45 Points)

From Ian:
OK this is the last from me
Here we have eight Games Workshop plastic Lord of the Rings figures, though I am not 100% sure exactly which race.
The long spear figures had been glued with arms bent in all sorts of angles and needed a little surgery but given I bought them at a games con for peanuts I can't complain.
The bow troops were easy as single piece castings. I wanted all eight for my roleplaying campaign which is a mix of LotR and Wheel of Time.
These will be Seachen who in my world are a mix of Seachin and Aeril (both spelt wrong)
Last figure to be painted is again for the campaign but this is the figure for one of the players and is a Reaper metal figure. Lorielle Silverrain a female elf. It is a surprise as the player does not know the figure has arrived yet!!

I have spent just under three hours on her tonight and mostly happy with the result. I will go over a few details tomorrow evening and both lots still need varnish (the GW ones have had one spray but need a second to get over the army painter shine

I will add my thanks to Curt for again running an excellent challenge that has been lots of fun to be part of.

Great work Ian! I believe those LOTR fellow are Haradrim but I can't be sure. Anyway, they look good and they'll be great additions to your RPG. The last figure is fabulous! I particularly like the soft tones you've achieved for her face - amazing work.

These nine fantasy miniatures will give Ian 45 points, nailing his Challenge target before the bonus tabulations - well done! 


  1. I thought for a minute that the female archer would be Birgitte Silverbow

    Great work on her and on your Seanchan troops

  2. I like the Haradrim raiders, but I really love the wood elf! She has an exquiste pale face, well done! They also have reminded me that a good portion of my unpainted mountain is LOTR! ;)

  3. Nice work! The elves skin really looks like porcelain.

  4. Nice work Ian. The green palette is great.


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