Thursday, March 20, 2014

From DaveD: 28mm 'The Mountie' (15 points)

From Dave:
OK so here we have a new "lawman" for the town of Serenity, He has come come down from "The Great White North" on the trail of that infamous Badger smuggler and alround ner'do well  "Budgie Ray" and has decided to search for his target in the seedier parts of town. 

Now a certain German bombshell "Miss Lilly" plans to work her charms .... will he be "like wet saurkraut?" or will he resist her charms?
Now "Stumpy" and his street howitzer  don't take kindly to outsiders... will the Mountie get his man..?
This lad is yours to keep after our meet up in May my friend..

Haha! I've been up for waaay too long and I needed a good chuckle, thanks for that Dave.

'The Mountie' will give Dave 15 points to his tally and my grateful thanks. I look forward to seeing 'The Mountie' in York in a few weeks...


  1. I have decided on his skills for the game:

    Dressing Up - i refer you to some dodgy re-enactment photo
    Multitasking - may may two moves... how the hell else are you managing this challenge

  2. Nice mountie! I think the uniform only comes in sizes that fit 6'4" broad shouldered lads as memories of past seem too be of walking oak trees in red jackets! ;)

    1. Funny I met one once over in Normandy... 6 foot 4... I think you might be right!

  3. Nice Mountie Dave. For some reason my eyes kept straying to the young lady in the background though...

    1. Aah the lure of Miss Lilly.... Guess you failed that roll...

  4. Nice Mountie. He should stand out in serenity and the ladys seem to love a man in uniform.

  5. That's an excellent Mountie, Dave!

    Who made the figure?


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