Thursday, March 20, 2014

From AaronH: 28mm French Lancer from 'Major Dundee' (25 points)

From Aaron:
Here’s, perhaps, my last entry for the challenge.  It’s my entry fee.  I was stumped for what I was going to paint as my contribution to the homeless pets of Canada.  I’m not a big fan of cowboy movies so was unmoved by most cowboy miniatures.  I delved into Peckinpah’s works and was surprised to find that Major Dundee was one of his.  
I have fond memories of watching this movie with my father as a child.  The scene that always stuck with me, and totally blew me away at the time, was the fight between the French lancers and the U.S. Cav/Galvanised Yankees.  The dichotomy of poncy European military fighting rough and tumble ACW troops just never left me.
I knew exactly what I was going to paint, assuming I could find the model.  Some searching; a lot of searching, let me to Foundry and their Franco-Prussian war line.  Startlingly perhaps to some, these are the first Foundry miniatures I’ve ever bought.  They live up to their reputation in both cost and quality, high in both cases, but I have no regrets.  This is a very nice model.  Clean casting with lots of character and poise.

When it came to the base I went back and forth but decided that the river and the desert were almost as much characters in this battle scene as the troops.  The river doesn’t look as good in the photos as it does in real life, though you’ll be able to judge that for yourself soon enough.  It is multiple layers of Mod Podge, laid on one layer after another with time to dry in between.  I’m happy with the way it came out, even if it took an inordinate amount of time.
I hope you enjoy owning this fine French fellow as much as I enjoyed painting him.

I’ve included a still from the movie showing the scene in question, though I painted a rank and file trooper rather than the natty looking officer.
Wow, wonderful work Aaron and thank you so much for putting so much thought and effort into this, I really appreciate it. 

This French lancer will give Aaron 25 points which will also place him over the top for his Challenge target of 600 points. Congratulations Aaron and again,  thank you.


  1. That's a very nice entry fee figure Aaron. Lovely work :)

  2. Great choice of figure, very much out of left field, and finished with style and panache as well!

  3. Super stuff Aaron. I like the basing in particular, very dynamic.

  4. Nice troop. Ironicly enough it was the Airfix Polish Lancer (seen in an article in Boys Life magazine on military modeling) that got me painting figures and gaming with them. Instead of assaulting domino and lincoln log fortifications!
    Of course, I still haven't found that wonderful figure yet! ;)

  5. That's a fine rendition , well done.

  6. That's some absolutely awesome work! Your basing is superb.

  7. Thank you all. I'm glad the effort on the base was worth it.

  8. Great choice of entry fee figure and good painting. Great looking base as well.


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