Thursday, March 20, 2014

From KevinH: T34/85, Zombie Cowboys, Cowboys, Rasputina Gang & Challenge Desperado (160 points)

From Kevin:
OK, just call me "Last Minute Larry"...
Right down to the wire this time.  Here we go...
First off, a set of three Warlord/Bolt Action T-34/85 tanks.  These are the older, resin models - as such, no decals it seems.  Therefore, I had to hand-paint the turret numbers.  After recently watching a clip on Youtube for an old, Czech movie, "Tank Brigade" ("Tankova Brigada"), I think I might try and find some Czech tri-colour roundel decals for the turrets!

Next - FINALLY got my "Wild Bunch" entry finished!  I had to AT LEAST get that one done!  This is a Foundry model, from the "Maxmillian Adventure" line, I think it was...  The model on their site is painted a bit oddly - all "white shirt" but the model doesn't seem to be sculpted that way.  So, since it looks like it's wearing a "sweater vest" over it's shirt, I decided to paint it like a peasant sarape.  I think it turned out pretty good.  And it's got EYES!  I hate painting eyes (hands just aren't steady enough anymore) - so hopefully Curt LOVES those eyes!  ;-)
Next, a pack of Foundry Western Gunfighter Zombies.  I found this pack among the items I bought from my friend's Estate sale.  Nothing too fancy here - I figured they'd be a quick few points as the deadline was drawing near.
Since I did the Western Zombies, I decided to paint up a few Foundry 'human' Gunfighters too.  You can always use more Western Gunfighters!

Last, but not least - the Rasputina gang/crew for the game, Malifaux.  There is beginning to be more interest in this game locally, so I decided it was time to paint up some figures.
The 'crew' consists of Rasputina (a spell-caster type), an Ice Golem, a December Acolyte (a 'tribal/cultist' type with lots of "sneaky" skills), a Wendigo (the model looks like a Chewbacca "mini Me!"), and three Ice Gamin (these are like small Demons or Imps).

I replaced all the "Warmachine/Hordes" style bases with aftermarket resin bases from Dragon Forge < >
Since the back story on Rasputina has her being up in the mountains of Malifaux, I decided to add a "snowy" touch.  A little thinned white glue and baking soda, and presto! --instant snow!
Well, I haven't had time to total it all up, but I don't think I made my points projection this time around.
I wanted to do some of the Baker Company "Winter War" figures, but I'm still waiting for some to arrive (he had lots of problems with his casting machine, but at least he's keeping people "in the loop!"  I like that.)

Thanks again, Curt.  Hopefully, I have a better showing next year, if you invite me.

Always a pleasure Kevin and thank you very much for the Desperado and providing us with such a feast of miniatures to enjoy.

This collection of excellent figures will give Kevin 160 points, which is precisely what he needed for him to achieve his 300 point target. Nothing like chipping it into the cup Kev! Seriously, brilliant work.


  1. Excellent work Kevin and congrats on reaching your target.

  2. Well done that man!! top jumper!!

  3. Waa? --I made my target? That alone is amazing! I was debating blasting out some Chain of Command objective markers as well, but at 12:30 am, there just wasn't any more time...

    Thanks for the kind words folks! Time to start some planning for next year, but first, some much needed sleep...

  4. Nice ecclectic bunch! The Malifaux and cowboys are nice, but I dig the greenish cowboy zombies! Hope my kids don't see them, they got me into zombicide and western gaming as it is! ;)

  5. Really nice, like the wintery Malifaux.

  6. Excellent work! These Zombie Cowboys are absolutely stunning.

  7. I hate eyes too. Well done for having a go, it's a challenge after all and the mini looks great for your efforts.

  8. Great painting and thanks for showing me these interesting figures I have never seen. Congrats on reaching your target.

  9. I always paint eyes on my 25mms, and even some 15mms. The eyes on the Curtgeld figure are just splendid. More importantly, they don't look bug-eyed or surprised in the photo.


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