Tuesday, March 20, 2012

From JuanM: 'Multum in Parvo' 28mm Landschneckt (5 points)

Juan ends his Challenge with the fabulous Landschneckt who is enjoying the spoils after a hard fought campaign - very apropos.

From Juan:

'I have finished my last entry. This is not great, but is vey special. It is another model from "Pro Gloria Miniatures", a Landsknech relaxing himself after a hard fight, as all of us from tomorrow, I think.'

"Carpe Diem", I though when I saw him the first time, and it is what I wish to all of you: CARPE DIEM.  It has been a very nice and interesting experience; thank you very much.'

Thank you Juan! It was a pleasure having you join us in the Challenge. I'll return with a latin quote for you, which may also be suitable for the Challenge and perhaps our hobby as a whole:

Multum in Parvo 
(Roughly translated as, 'There can be much in small things.')


  1. Very good and a great end to your campaign. I must admit I am looking forward to a couple of days catching up with other stuff but I also havve my next target lined up! I just need to finish basing some figures and snap them, then it's down with the brushes LOL

    Been lots of fun

  2. Great painting Juan, very, very nice!!

  3. Nice work Juan, you're a quality painter in my eyes....

  4. Beautiful fig - great job Juan - and to everyone!


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